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I believe that a nation needs people of high capability and am in favour of a system that encourages their development. But is that elitism? How does one join an elite? Does membership really say anything about one’s knowledge, skill and trustworthiness? I have read two books recently (one by Ferdinand Mount – very good) that suggest that too much power has fallen into the hands of an elite group. Its members seem to be far too confident of their own ability, far too confident of their right to extreme favours and very reluctant to listen to the views of ordinary people. The attitude seems to be “We really do know best and having a discussion with you is a waste of time”. We are persistently denied a referendum on Europe, when the most obvious fact about it to ordinary observers is that it means more power and more money for more politicians and bureaucrats, and more interference in our affairs. Thank God for that French politician who said that we did not elect Mrs. Merkel to tell us all what to do.

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