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An Octogenarian in the modern world


“Ignorance is no excuse!”  That’s what the schoolmasters told me years ago. Today I am assaulted by such a torrent of informatiuon that I can’t possibly grasp it all. Worse, I get to the stage when I expect so much of the information to be unnecessary or deceitful or wrong that the effort of listening or reading seems not worth making. The latest  instance – charity appeals don’t get past the first hurdle (being opened) unless I can feel a freebie inside. It acts as a decision-making filter.

When I get really old and begin to lose my marbles, will I get completely lost in the deceitful junk that asks me to sign up for some big benefit and links it in the small print to a much bigger obligation. The internet is becoming a con-artists paradise. Everybody wants you to do things on line, which makes it easier for them but much harder for you. And you waste paper printing it all off instead of them wasting it in the post. All right, you don’t have to print it. You can can keep it on the hard disc. The next thing that happens is that your computer becomes obselete and you find that all your records went to the refuse site  (at your expense) years ago. When I was at school I was taught about a thing called “The conservation of energy”. It never got lost, they said, it just changed it’s nature. I think there is another principle – the conservation of work. It never gets less, but it shifts location so that somebody else has to do it.

And why are so many web sites complicated and crowded beyond belief? I wish designers would realise that after a certain point. the more detail you give, the less people absorb. I am going to surf the real property pages for somewhere I can live as a hermit.


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