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May 18, 2012

I recently read “SHAMANISM” – an academic book about archaic belief systems. It shows that all human societies have developed a system, and that there is a surprising degree of similarity. It seems that spiritual belief answers an in-built human need and is a necessary part of human life. If that is so, then our society is damaging […]


May 16, 2012

I believe that a nation needs people of high capability and am in favour of a system that encourages their development. But is that elitism? How does one join an elite? Does membership really say anything about one’s knowledge, skill and trustworthiness? I have read two books recently (one by Ferdinand Mount – very good) […]


May 2, 2012

“Ignorance is no excuse!”  That’s what the schoolmasters told me years ago. Today I am assaulted by such a torrent of informatiuon that I can’t possibly grasp it all. Worse, I get to the stage when I expect so much of the information to be unnecessary or deceitful or wrong that the effort of listening or […]