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Two nasty things reported recently. The street violence of last summer is attributed in part to young people who feel life has nothing to offer them. It is no surprise to read this, but the causes are in the past and the damage done. There are few ideas offered for putting things right. In past times, when large numbers have felt deprived, the answer has been emigration – The USA, Canada,  Australia, South Africa. Not possible now. Government hand-outs and make-work schemes don’t seem to change much, and the other bit of bad news is that government intervention would only be paid for by borrowing yet more money. And my paper tells me that our national debt is inexorably rising because past governments have been handing out too many goodies. When enduring bad times as a self-employed person, it struck me that if you loose everything else, you may still have your own health, and mental and physical competence. Those are the things most worth investing in. The only answer I can offer is GET YOURSELF A SKILL.

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