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What are you going to do if you are 79 and you don’t know how long you will last? Answer, concentrate on your major interests. I have three books for sale. I think they are worth reading. A central  theme is witchcraft. Odd, maybe, for a professed Christian. But all religion is about the great unknown. Christianity claims to be the latest revelation from God to man – offered to man at the point in his development when he was able to understand it. Maybe previous revelations were cruder and less sophistated because man was not so far advanced. That does not mean that they were wrong. Maybe they were true revelations appropriate to the times. So your tribal witchdoctor or shaman or medecine man may have the same credibilty as todays theologian. I want to know more about the various beliefs held at different places and different times. I can’t alter my three existing books. Biut I still want to go on learning.

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